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King Cruiser was a ferry 85 meters of the transport of passengers between the islands of Phuket and Phi Phi. On 4 May 1997, the King Cruiser veered off course and came abituelle hit the reef known as the Anemone Reef. The ship sank in less than an hour but fortunately all passengers were rescued in time.

 Years later, the King Cruiser wreck offers the diving community of Phuket, a beautiful wreck teeming with diverse marine life.

king cruise marine life

Discover its clouds lion fish, nudibranchs and sometimes a sea turtle The wreck itself is very interesting, but unfortunately, the actions of the sea and the time contributes to its decline and it is no longer safe to s' venture inside the wreck.

During the monsoon months in the past two years, the corridors of the upper deck and passengers were unfortunately destroyed, giving our wreck, a wreck enhanced appearance!

king cruise  king cruise staircase

But the broken parts after this destruction have created a new haven for marine life. Thus, a sea turtle is now an address in the wreck. A multitude of schooling fish are present in and around the wreck.

king cruise  king cruise map

king cruise map 2

    Characteristics of the site of the wreck of the King Cruiser

  • Located 26 kms from the pontong Chalong - Phuket
  • Depth Site: 35 meters
  • Horizontal visibility of the site: 10 to 20 meters
  • Current: Null light
  • Level: Intermediate


Audience with the King Cruiser from Martin Mc Nicoll on Vimeo.

King Cruise

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